Free* | A Way Ahead – Ethical Khadi

Friday 24 November | 11:30am

Join experts from the Khadi UK Initiative for this revealing talk and explore the potential of khadi as an ethical and environmentally sustainable fabric.

Khadi fabric is made from 100% natural fibre – cotton, silk or wool. The fibres are hand spun and hand woven in varieties of yarns, weaves, texture and thicknesses – from linen like textured fabric to highly refined muslin. The production system has the potential to scale up in grassroots clusters, which would include organic farming and solar energy use. The concept and technology can be adapted globally. This talk is a great opportunity to discuss ethical and global issues surrounding the production of textiles in the 21st century.

Explore how khadi played a pioneering role in India’s independence movement and how it now provides a livelihood to over a million people – mostly women – in rural areas. Learn how, as a system from farming to hand crafted clothing, khadi can create zero carbon, zero chemical, zero poverty fabrics.

Khadi UK Initiative is a movement started by five charities and small businesses: Khadi CIC (Community Interest Company), Action Village India, Moral Fibre Fabrics, Where Does It Come From? and Fresh Eyes: People to People Travel. The Initiative aims to build on the experiences of each of its founders in rural development, to promote the use of ethical khadi globally. To find out more visit

The talk starts at 11:30am in the Fashion Studio and lasts for approximately one hour including an opportunity to ask questions.

*Free talk with exhibition entry
Limited places and advance booking is recommended.

Book online
Exhibition tickets: £9.90 adults* / £7.70 concessions* / £6 students

*Includes 10% gift aid

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