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Photoshop Introduction - 3 Day Course

Tuesday 11th - Thursday 13th October 2011

10am - 4pm (3 day course)

This introductory course is for fashion, textile and jewellery designers who wish to learn how to use Photoshop from the beginning, and will give you skills and confidence in using this software to develop your designs and presentational material.

The course is run at the FTM in a brand-new purpose built learning centre equipped with the latest software and facilities, and tuition is in small groups with a focus on your particular learning requirements.

The course includes the following main topics:

  • Basic technical understanding and working methods
  • Enhancing and developing images
  • Applying text and presenting your work

The course runs 10am - 4pm over three days with an hour lunch break (six 2.5 hour sessions). Lunch is available from our stylish on-site Café@FTM or from nearby cafés and trendy pubs.

Course fee and discounts

The standard course fee is £150
£25 discount for 2 courses - book and pay for 2 courses for £275
£50 discount for 3 courses - book and pay for 3 courses for £400

We regret that no other concessions are available

Booking Information

To book your course, please download and complete the application form and email to Jennifer.Howard@newham.ac.uk.

For all enquires email Jennifer.Howard@newham.ac.uk or phone 020 7407 8664

Full course outline

Session 1 - Drawing with Photoshop

Navigating the Photoshop Interface

Marquee Selection tools

Creating Layers

Fill and Stroke selections

Free Transform tool

Session 2 - Colouring Illustrations

Mixing colours with Colour Picker

Creating and Applying Gradients

Layer Blending Modes

Painting with the Brush Tool

Burn and Dodge tools

Session 3 - Transforming Illustrations

Applying Image Adjustments

Magic Wand selections

Adjusting Canvas and Image Size

File formats and Saving files

Session 4 - Image Adjustments and Filters

Adjusting the hue and saturation of images

Adding filters, effects and textures to images

Cleaning images using the Clone Stamp Tool

Selecting and manipulating areas of an image

Session 5 - Filling Garments with Fabric Patterns

Defining Patterns

Filling garment drawings with patterns

Editing fabric fills

Creating fabric colourways

Merging Layers

Session 6 - Creating a Photo Montage

Culmination of all topics covered

Transferring Layers between files

Aligning, transforming and manipulating layers

Application of text to an image

Printing work

Reviewing achievement on the course

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