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Illustrator Introduction - Saturday Course

Sasturdays, 17th September - 8th October 2011

10am - 2.15pm (4 week course)

This introductory course is for designers who wish to learn how to use Illustrator from the beginning, and will give you skills and confidence in using this software to create presentational material and develop fashion and textile designs and illustrations.

The course is run at the FTM in a brand-new purpose built learning centre equipped with the latest software and facilities, and tuition is in small groups with a focus on your particular learning requirements.

The course includes the following main topics:

  • Using the pen tool to trace your hand drawn garment and textile designs
  • Using scanned fabrics to enhance your designs
  • Using layers to arrange design elements
  • Manipulating designs such as re-sizing, rotating and mirroring
  • Applying colour and text to your designs

This course runs on Saturday for 4 weeks, 10am - 2.15pm, with a 30min lunch break. Lunch is available from our stylish on-site Café@FTM or from nearby cafés and trendy pubs

Course fee and discounts

The standard course fee is £150
£25 discount for 2 courses - book and pay for 2 courses for £275
£50 discount for 3 courses - book and pay for 3 courses for £400

We regret that no other concessions are available

Booking Information

To book your course, please download and complete the application form and email to Jennifer.Howard@newham.ac.uk.

For all enquires email Jennifer.Howard@newham.ac.uk or phone 020 7407 8664

Full course outline

Session 1

The difference between a vectors and bitmaps

Navigating the Illustrator workspace

Using simple shapes to produce an illustration

Transforming, duplicating and grouping shapes

Applying colour to shapes

Creating a simple repeat patterns

Using the pen tool to create straight line and curved designs

Creating simple garments designs

Using the pathfinder tool to combine shapes

Aligning shapes using the align palette

Session 2

Using the pen tool to create straight line and curved designs

Creating simple garments designs

Creating symmetrical designs

Using guidelines

Reflecting and duplicating an object

Using the average and join tools

Session 3

Creating clipping masks to apply decorative designs to a garment or textile design

Creating a decorative design using the transform again technique

Dividing a garment into sections using divide objects below technique

Transforming an repeat pattern applied to an object

Session 4

Using text to add headings, labels and descriptions

Using text for decorative purposes

Copying Illustrations to another Illustrator file

Exporting an Illustrator file so that it can be used in other applications

Printing Illustrator files

Reviewing achievement on the course

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