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Funding to Study

Most people taking Academy courses will need to pay a tuition fee, and those on full-time courses will normally also need to support themselves while studying.

Our full-time courses are timetabled to allow learners to take part-time jobs to support their studies, and this helps people to get qualified and keep their finances under control at the same time.

If you are on a formal apprenticeship course you will be employed by your sponsoring company and will receive an apprentice wage.

Tuition fees are payable according to your age and status:

  • For UK and EU citizens under 19 there is no course fee and you may be eligible for an Educational Maintenance Award (EMA) from your local authority to help with your costs while studying
  • For people aged 19 or above, the current home student fee is payable, although those in receipt of benefits may qualify for exemption.
  • International students pay full tuition fees on courses

Once enrolled on your course you will be invoiced for the appropriate fee, and invoices can be paid by credit or debit card, as well as by cash or cheque.

If you are a full-time learner aged over 19 and in financial difficulty, you may be eligible for help from our Learner Support Fund, and our Advice Service can also tell you about other sources of financial support available.

Further information about tuition fees is available from the Customer Support Centre on 0845 650 42 44 or by emailing call.centre@newham.ac.uk.

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