The World of Anna Sui (Exhibition Captions)


‘My first runway show also took a walk down Carnaby Street, with some Chanel and hip-hop mashed in for added flavour. Hybrid life forms – always the tastiest.’ Download captions


‘The darker truths behind all that sun and surf and blonde hair and white teeth appealed to my twisted side.’ Download captions

School Girl

‘Innocence is a quality I value immensely in my work. I’m not talking about naïveté. What I mean is a clear-eyed lack of cynicism.’ Download captions


‘Optimism and romance – they’ve always coloured my Americana.’ Download captions


‘I’m a storyteller. Which is why I love fairytales…. The fantasy – the dressing-up part of fashion – has never lost its magic for me.’ Download captions


‘It was my moment. If grunge music was an alternative to stadium rock, the kind of clothes I designed were my alternative to power dressing.’ Download captions


‘Nomads come in many guises, real and imagined, and I can quite happily travel to the ends of the earth in my head.’ Download captions


‘When I made my first punk collection in Spring 1994, I wanted to make it positive. The concept of nihilism was never me, anyway. I could never believe there was no future. DIY, on the other hand, I could buy into because I felt I’d always done everything myself.’ Download captions

Rockstar and Hippie

‘I guess I’m a rock chick at heart.’ Download captions


‘The Ballets Russes weren’t exactly Victorian, but they were an extension of my fascination with the Belle Époque and the demi-monde of the time – so rich, so decadent.’ Download captions


‘I couldn’t afford the clothes then, but the minute I could, I started collecting them. Just like chasing a dream… And the dream stayed with me as an influence on my own style.’ Download captions


‘…the greatest designers have always understood that the shadowland between the genders is where some of the most haunting stories lie.’ Download captions

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