Annie Phillips creates bold, vivid works of art using an ancient form of wax-resist dyeing, the art of Batik. Wax-resist dying can be traced back to ancient Egypt, and variations of the resist technique can be found across the world. Philips has studied with craftsman in Indonesia and Ghana, and with these techniques creates unique textile pieces.

This display, located in the Fashion Studio and free with your ticket to Chintz: Cotton in Bloom, presents over 30 examples of Phillip’s engaging practice.

About the Artist

Annie Phillips has been a modern batik artist for most of her adult life. She has worked and trained with artists in both Ghana and Indonesia, exchanging skills and collaborating on batiks.

From the beginning, Annie saw how her artworks could be adapted to the world of design and in recent years, has collaborated with numerous designers and architects. In these projects, Annie’s original batiks have been printed and glazed onto an array of surfaces, from canvas, to voiles, to glass. Annie has also worked closely with skilled weavers in Nepal and India, creating bespoke hand-woven rugs, inspired by and created from her original artworks. In recent years, Annie has established successful relationships with selected wholesalers and retail partners, transforming her artworks into a broad range of designs for fabrics, homeware and apparel.

Annie’s original source of inspiration, batik, remains the same. Annie’s aim is to create batik art accessible to a wide range of people, allowing gorgeous and affordable designs to be enjoyed in the homes and wardrobes of her customers.

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