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The Daks Simpson Archive currently housed at the Fashion and Textiles Museum covers the history of the Daks Simpson clothing firm from its foundation in 1894 to the present day. It includes a series of illustrated fashion catalogues, photographs, fabric patterns and design documents for mens' and womens' clothing, formal and informal. The coverage of sports wear is exceptionally. The series incoludes the work of well known fashion illustrators such as Ashley Havnden and Max Hoff as well as photographers such as Donovan, Palumbo and Snowden. Design and architectural students will find the documentation of the Grade2* Simpson Piccadilly shop designed by Emberton, 1934-6, with its modernist interior and comprehensaive series of display window photographs, 1940s onwards of interest as well as the innovative Hackney and Larkhall factories.

Note to Students: appointments should be made a fortnight in advance either with the FTM Museum or the Archivist (02072868677). Please note no more than 3 students can be accommodated at one time.

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