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In the early 1960’s South African sculptor Adel Rootstein took a fresh and original look at the potential of the shop window dummy and for the first time in their hundred-year history made them realistic! She modelled her mannequins from fashion icons, celebrities and beautiful people such as Twiggy, Maria Helvin, Yasmin le Bon and Joanna Lumley, giving them life, style and posture. They became a ground breaking fashion statement, no longer lifeless dummies lacking impact and excitement!

The original company was founded in London by Adel Rootstein, Michael Southgate and Rick Hopkins. It is now a worldwide presence enlivening displays in all the world’s top stores.

This collection is all the more treasured because so many shops have allowed their mannequins to be destroyed as styles changed and have not considered their potential as essential museum worthy body image and fashion statements in their own right.

Note to students: The Adel Rootstein Collection is available by appointment only. Some is on display and there is a complete photographic record.

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