Crowdfunder Campaign

Thanks to your astoundingly generations donations, incredibly kind words of support and amazing dedication to sharing our recent Crowdfunder campaign, we not only reached but exceeded our target, and raised an astonishing £42,000!

The whole team at the Fashion and Textile Museum would like to offer our most heartfelt thanks to every single person who contributed, in any way, towards making this campaign a success. We have been truly moved by your kindness and could not be more grateful for your support. During a time that has been so difficult for so many, we are extremely thankful to everyone who was able to help us secure the future of this important institution.

Moving forward, please rest assured that we will be doing all we can to make the most of your remarkable contributions and will be working harder than ever to bring the joys of fashion and textiles to you all. In the meantime, we’re delighted to share the names of a some of our campaign’s supporters below.

Abucon Ltd
Adrienne Miller
Alison Carter
Altaira Morris
Amanda Back
Andrea Gosling
Andrea Leggett
Andrea Richards
Andree Wenham Adley
Ann Hebden
Annie Henderson-Begg
Annie Leonard
Annie Taylor
Astrid Jennewein
Barbara Chandler
Bernadette Blair Watts
Bree Black
c m crisp
Caroline Joynson
Carolyn Fountain
Catherine Holden
Celia Geen
chara de lacey
Chris Hollebone
Christina Robson
Claire Phillips
Claire Randall
Clare Birks
D iane Elliott
Daisy Madder
Dawn Leopard
Denise Larnder
Diane Spaul
Dominic Skinner
Emma Sturgess
Emma Vining
Esther Kirkpatrick
Frances Malik
Gisela Barbara Buchwald
Hannah Grealis
Heather Pooley
Helen Barwick
Helen Dayananda
Helen R Auty
Helen R Auty
Helen Stephen
Holly Fox-Lee
Isabelle Spinazze
Jacqueline Cronin-Coltsmann
Jane Emery
Jane Humphrey
Jane Pinsker
Janice Colbert
Jean Chivers
Jeannine Elizabeth Lawder
Jenny Deane
Jess Bennett
Julie Anne Freemantle
Justine Cothill
Karen Lowe
Kate Fishenden
Kate Morgan
Kate Youde
Kath Shakespeare

Katie Howson
Katie Young Gerald
Kay Baisden
Kim Grahame
Kirstie Macqueen
Kirstin Sibley
Laura Carla Pediani
Lazy Trollop
Lesley Robinson
Libby Queale
Linda Bassett
Linda Hanna
Liz Whitehead
Lorraine Westhead
Louise Ansell
Lucy Robson
Lynn Freemn
Marie Jones
Marie-Christin Coomber
Martine Spencer
Mary Connerty
Maureen Regan
Meg Cottell
Monica Allen
Nads Montenegro
Nina newbery
norma hale
Pamela Norris
patty elkus
Peter Sturgeon
Rachel Reynolds
Rebecca Mills
Robyn Ford
Roger. Griffiths
Ruth Lancashire
Sarah Hanna
Sarah Moroney
Sarah Parker
Shaun Dew
Shirley Collier
Shreena Soomarah
Stella Wood
Stephanie Blythman
Stephanie Johnson
Sunny Warrington
Susan Duncan
Textile Town
Tim Gutteridge
Tim O’Sullivan
Tina McKevitt
Trudi Jones
Trudy Healey-Potter
Val Copley
Victoria F
Vigdis Vågen
Wendy France
Wendy Klotz
Wendy White
Ying Lee
Zoe Hewett-Dutton

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