The Fashion and Textile Museum is pleased to offer a variety of teaching resources that can be downloaded from the website. From fashion templates, to lesson plans and activity ideas, these resources can be used to support a visit to the Museum or a classroom project.

Fashion Templates by the Museum Curator
How to Draw Like a Fashion Designer worksheet

Activity Sheets
Be a Fashion Reporter
Artist Textiles Pattern Collection Drawing Activity

Lesson Plans
Lesson plan: British Couture since 1945 – Norman Hartnell
Lesson plan: British Fashion since 1945 – Zandra Rhodes
Lesson plan: Textiles since 1945

FTM Archive
Dedicated to showcasing developments in contemporary fashion and textiles our past exhibitions include Kaffe Fassett, Zandra Rhodes, Tommy Nutter, Sue Timney, Post-war British Textiles, Horrockses Fashion, Sanderson, Foale and Tuffin and many more

Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection
Developed with Newham College, University for the Creative Arts and JISC, the Zandra Rhodes Digital Study Collection presents over 500 couture dresses and garments from the 1960s to the present day, including pieces worn by icons such as Diana, Princess of Wales, Elizabeth Taylor, and Diana Ross. You can also explore Zandra Rhodes drawings, learn about the inspiration behind her most famous pieces, and see the design and production techniques that are used to make the handcrafted couture in the Zandra Rhodes fashion studio at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London. more

Website teaching resources
Here is a selection of other websites’ teaching resources:
Victoria and Albert Museum
Kew Gardens
Children’s University of Manchester
The Art and Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli by the Philadelphia Museum of Art
National Museum of Mexican art

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