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Complete the Application for Graduate Study Programme. (You can type in your application and print it OR print out the form and fill it out by hand.)

2. Complete the Questionnaire for Graduate Study Programme. (Please type or print your answers on a separate sheet of paper.)
3. Write a statement of your educational objectives, including why you want to participate in this programme and why you think you should be accepted into the Graduate Study Programme at FTM. (Please type your statement on a separate sheet of paper. Include your full name and the date at the top of your statement.)

Mail/post the following:

  • Application form, including letters of recommendation
  • Questionnaire
  • Statement of educational objectives
  • Transcript of college coursework to date OR a copy of your high school diploma, GED, or candidacy for either
  • $50.00 non-refundable application fee (make checks payable to: Zandra Rhodes)
    Note: If you are accepted, this fee guarantees your place in the program.

to one of the following addresses,

in the UK:

Zandra Rhodes Graduate Study Programme
79-85 Bermondsey Street
London, SE1 3XF

in the US:

Zandra Rhodes Graduate Study Program
444 South Cedros Ave #160
Solana Beach, CA 92075


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