There are two specialized certificate graduate programmes offered at the FTM: Fashion and Textile Design and Fashion Business. These programmes will further expand your fashion education while studying with, and working in, the studio of internationally recognized fashion/textile designer Zandra Rhodes.

The Fashion and Textile Design Programme will consist of inspirational designing from Zandra Rhodes archival work and in-class lab time four mornings a week. The graduate student will develop textile and garment designs, learn hand painted textile techniques, and construct an original garment.

The Fashion Business Graduate Programme will concentrate on the business aspects of the industry. The emphasis will be on marketing, fashion forecasting, merchandising, and presentation. Projects such as: Zandra Rhodes "photo shoot", preparing a "London Fashion Forecast Report", and working on Museum exhibitions will be part of this exciting programme.

Four afternoons will be devoted to the Zandra Rhodes Studio and the Fashion & Textile Museum with Zandra and her staff. Zandra will go over various tasks required to understand the operations of the studio and museum, such as community outreach and documentation of the museum collection and studio work. Fridays are assigned research in the form of field trips or projects.

We are currently accepting applications for this exciting program. To receive an application form, please call Zandra Rhodes Studio (858) 792-1892 as soon as possible. This program takes place within Zandra's London studio and therefore space is extremely limited. Ideally suited for four students, the studio can allow for eight at the most. Spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. To ensure your place, please act promptly and meet all deadlines.