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My Community, My Museum

The Museum is committed to getting the community of Southwark involved with the museum and its exhibits - both in by bringing the community into the museum and encouraging them to use it as a creative resource, by reflecting the diversity of the borough.

FTM workshops will stimulate and inspire individuals to experiment with fashion and textiles and to engage with them on an intellectual level. The Museum is aware that the world of high fashion does not sufficiently represent all ages and cultural or ethnic backgrounds. We have developed dynamic outreach projects which will target socially disadvantaged youths, families and individuals, people from minority ethnic communities as well as the elderly, encouraging them to view fashion as a relevant and exciting expressive medium.

Second Skin

Second Skin was a project carried out before the opening of the museum with students from Willowbank Pupil Referral unit in Southwark. Students were given a Men's suit each and were invited to customize it and create video and photography pieces based on suits as a symbol of authority or formality. Suits were kindly donated by Next Menswear and the project was made possible with the support of Southwark Education Business Alliance. The finished pieces will be displayed in the museum at a special exhibition at the beginning of 2004.


SmArt was an introduction to fabric technology for a GNVQ Textiles class from Waverly School for girls. The class were asked to create designs for T-shirts that had a special hidden function. The finished T-shirts include one which would give the wearer a small electric shock if she became lippy, one which would wake its wearer in the event of a fire and one which would aid hay fever sufferers by spraying a cloud of anti-histamine whenever there was a high pollen count. This project was funded by Southwark Education Business Alliance.

Children's Art Day

On Children's Art Day 2003 the FTM held a puppet making workshop for students from Beormund Special School for children with special needs. The pupils created fabric hand-puppets of themselves in different costumes.

Free Workshops for Local Schools

The museum is committed to finding funds to offer free workshops to local under-funded schools. So far, with the generous support of the Pool of London Partnership and the Weaver's Association, the FTM has been able to offer free one-day workshops to 5 local schools as well as after-school workshops for local play schemes.

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