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"I would not trade anything for this experience. This opportunity was great, not only to learn these vital skills, but it also gave me actual knowledge within the area of business I would like to work in: fashion promotion. I have been able to come out of my student life "shell" and start to love working in the "real working world." I am more confident of my skills now that I have learned from the experience, and I am prepared to practice them in upcoming endeavours."

- Alyssa Mog, Esher College UK

"Being pushed on a daily basis to use my creativity and thoughts has made me become so much more well rounded and I feel that by just having these two months of experience, I am much more ready for the fashion field. Overall, I have to say that I have had the best experience working at Zandra Rhodes, and I would not have changed anything about my experience. I really appreciate this huge opportunity that have been given and do have to say that I do not know anyone else who has experienced such a great internship. Thanks again for making such a life lasting impression on my time spend in London."

- Emily Kozna, American Intercontinental University

"My two weeks at Zandra Rhodes has not only been enjoyable but also a worthwhile experience, which I would recommend to any creative person interested in the process of designing clothes."

- Victoria Heath, Seven Kings High School UK

"Since I began my internship at the Fashion & Textile Museum, I have learned a huge amount about the fashion world - not just where the ideas come from and how they go from paper to outfit, but learning about the financial struggles and determination it takes to create a place like this."

- Jennifer Porrica, Columbus College of Art & Design USA

"During the three weeks I have spend at the Zandra Rhodes Studio, I have developed an appreciation for all aspects of the business I wish to enter. Before I came to Zandra Rhodes, my interest in the fashion industry was strong. My time spent at the studios has strengthened my resolve and has made me more determined to success in the industry. I have experience this through observing the immensely talented people that have surrounded me during my time at Zandra Rhodes, encouraging friendly competitiveness but also deep admiration for the level of hard work that goes with any job in the fashion industry. I have had the opportunity to view the business and creative aspects of the industry, with both being very demanding in their own right.

Everyone at the studio has helped with this learning process and has helped me to understand better the amount of work and determination involved. The disposition of the team has provoked a stronger feeling of determination and has lead me to have even more patience and resolve with everything I do because the end result is worth the effort. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to gain this knowledge and develop my skills and would not have changed anything."

- Sarah Balch, Esher College UK


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