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'What we wore and why we wore it' - History of Fashion Lecture Series

Every Wednesday for four weeks, from 19 September

This series of talks provide an in-depth study of fashions from 1955–76, led by author of The Chronology of Fashion NJ Stevenson. Participants will have the opportunity to examine relevant garments up-close from the Museum’s Collection.

Lecture 1: Beat to Rock ‘n' Roll 1955–59
Wednesday 19 September 12pm-1.30pm
How blue jeans became the badge of youth and American music and film created the teenager. The extremes of the Edwardians - The English Ted. And a turtleneck, a Gauloise and an idealogy - the role of cafe culture in European style. We look at the rise of a collective consciousness of youth and how that desire to be different manifested itself in dress.

Lecture 2: Mad Men: Modernists into Mods
Wednesday 26 September 12pm-1.30pm
Which came first in Soho? The Vespa or Vince's Man's Shop? The influence of Italy on the changing Sixties male silhouette. And from Chelsea to the world - how Mary Quant revolutionized female fashion and the boutique was born. We look at the the new confidence of youth and how it grabbed the controls of commercial fashion.

Lecture 3: Fashion Psychedelia
Wednesday 3 October 12pm-1.30pm
Counter-culture fashion from Op Art to the kaftan. The Cult of doing your own thing - how geographical, historical and spiritual travel resulted in a magpie's nest of style and the contribution of the altered state of mind.

Lecture 4: Glam to Punk – the 1970s
Wednesday 10 October 12pm-1.30pm
Why the 70s was a dressing-up box of escapism. We look at fashion's journey from the Nostalgist to the Nihilist in a few short years. How the 70s saw romantic satin and tat; new wave Americana; the progressive and the posturing mix of fashion and music and the rejection of the whimsical which resulted in punk. 

Whole series: £60 / £45 students
Individual lecture: £20 / £15 students

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Spaces are limited therefore advance booking is strongly recommended. To book your place, call FTM on 020 7407 8664 or email: info@ftmlondon.org 



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