Zandra showing Prince Andrew the museum model at her Del Mar residence in California.

has continued with memorable fund raising parties, the first at the home of Zandra Rhodes and Salah Hassanein (where Prince Andrew was shown a model of the museum).

Next the home of Jim and Nancy Demetriades and the home of Maj and Larry Hagman, whose white Stetson became a noteworthy feature of the London visit

Jim and Nancy Demetriades.


Nancy Demetriades with her pink poodle.



Guests at the Demetriades Dinner Jean Knutson, Audrey Greenburg, Julie and Herb Hunter with Nancy in a Zandra Rhodes Cactus Kaftan.



Vogue Vintage Sale with stalls, bunting and lights.

The fashion industry has given us support...

It began with UK Vogue, & Kerry Taylor of Sotheby's helped to price and identify the donations, organized the Vogue Vintage Sale, a fundraising sale of donated designer garments for the benefit of the museum and the Red Cross. Collectors, and the young and trendy, took advantage of this unique event. Everyone at all interested in clothes as items of design queued by Kate Moss and Marianne Faithful, as well as Cheri Booth herself.

A considerable sum was raised, which will be used towards phase 2 of the museum fit out.


The publicity generated by the exhibition brought several new gifts to the steadily growing museum core collection of 20th Century fashion. We were delighted that two fashion conscious individuals of the 1970's, Susan Quinley and Fiona Ronaldson had managed to keep safe their Biba, Ossie Clark creations providing us with increasingly rare survivals from a time of fantastic UK fashion creativity.


The Children's Magic Mural (CMM), the museums outreach project hand painted and jewel encrusted square by children from schools the museum's neighborhood.

The museum's concern with fashion and textile education, a constant in our scheme, has brought us further practical help. The unique outreach design programme: The Children's Magic Mural (CMM), supervised by our Creative Director.

Gity Monsef provides this opportunity at the elementary level. It has European Funding through the Pool of London and the Cross River Partnership, Help a London Child. It is a tribute to their faith in us and our ability to bring a sense of fashion as well as practical skills to students at all levels. They have also agreed to sponsor the mundane but essential task of finalizing the Business Plan, (the ground base of Fund Raising). A further aspect of essential museum funding has been undertaken by another UK Charitable Trust, which has underwritten the cost of business opportunities research. The current project is the museum book and souvenir shop, which will be a major and permanent museum asset.

In the meantime, even our empty but still elegant spaces have been put to work assisting museum finances. They have provided a fashion event venue for every section of the market from the couture to the chain store, designer to mass market, Dior to Marks and Spencer.

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