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The Wool Pack Knitting Club (Intermediate / Advanced knitters)

Date: 14 April 2010

Every wednesday for six weeks, 6.30pm - 9pm

(see also our beginners' knitting course - details here)

This six week course is for those who already have a sound understanding and practical ability to knit / crochet basic stitches, cast on and off and would like to take those basic knitting / crochet skills to the next level. Or perhaps you just enjoy knitting / crocheting in a friendly, enjoyable and relaxed environment with others in the group who want to achieve the same thing.

During the six weeks you will work on your chosen project at your own pace in the class with an experienced teacher to help guide / assist you with any knitting / crochet issues you may have. 

Your project can be a basic commercial pattern you want to knit / crochet, or if you have never read a basic knitting/crochet pattern before and would like to start, this is where you will be shown how to read, understand how to work from a basic commercial pattern.


if you are a more confident and experienced with your knitting / crochet and want more of a challenge, you can take a basic commercial pattern or shape and create something new for yourself. 

Price: £110

To book your place, call 020 7407 8664 or book online from We Got Tickets.

Please note - to all students coming to this class:

Materials: Please bring any knitting/crochet patterns or projects, needles, yarns (etc.) you need.

Each session is 2.5 hours long. It is important to come to the first class with a project you would like to start, or have started and would like to continue working on in that first class and throughout the 6 week course. If unsure of your project, please bring your knitting or crochet needles with yarns, clear ideas or patterns, material, equipment (etc.), you would like to use on the project to discuss further and start with the teacher.  Please do not come unprepared!

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