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Exhibitions : Recent Exhibitions : Love on the Rocks, Sampling the Seventies, and Beards with Beef


14 October – 28 November

The title ‘LOVE ON THE ROCKS' evokes the antagonism, passion and suspense inherent in the photography displayed in this, the first photography exhibition to be shown at the Fashion and Textile Museum. This group exhibition featured nine international fashion photographers and brings together a considered style to 21st century fashion photography.


14 October – 28 November

SAMPLING THE SEVENTIES highlighted the decade in which flower power, ethnic, romantic revival, rich peasant and the hippie trail took the fashion industry by storm. It was a time that encouraged mainstream fashion to get dressed up in a big way. This new exhibition features Ossie Clark, Thea Porter, Bill Gibb, John Bates, David Sassoon, Gina Fratini, and Jean Muir who built world-class careers based on idiosyncratic, decoratively youthful creative vision. Also featured is FTM’s own matriarch: Zandra Rhodes with her collection ZANDRA:  THE EARLY YEARS, highlighting her work with Sylvia Ayton from the 1960’s featuring her pop art inspired prints:  Mr. Man, Lightbulbs and Lipstick Themes.


14 October – 28 November

Also featured was BEARDS WITH BEEF a digital art collective. BWB is comprised of Matt Campbell, Rob Hare, and Kev Speck, who like to consider themselves as an "illustrators collective". The trio mix everyday textures such as bill posters on wooden poles, bark, leaves, and flames with flashes of fashion and interesting colour. Their images maintain a hand-crafted aesthetic, despite being computer generated.


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