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Zandra and her tea cosy

Alexander McQueen, Kate Moss, Antoni & Alison and FrostFrench are just some of the many celebrities, designers and artists who changed the face of the great British cuppa as they took on your Gran's tea cosy.

The world of contemporary art and fashion met British tradition in this exciting collaboration in aid of Cancer Research UK. Lots of loving care was poured into the design of these eccentric accessories, which are distinctly more kitsch than kitchen.

Kate Moss's tea cosy

With the resurgence of tea as the tipple of choice for the country's leading style icons, the concept of customising tea cosies has naturally caught the imagination of these top celebrities, artists and designers. Recalling the traditional image of the tea cosy, each individual was invited to create a unique cosy reflecting the increasingly stylish nature of the modern cuppa.

Reinterpreting the classic tea cosy showed the potential of design to personalise daily ritual and each of the finished tea cosies offered a peek into the private world of its creator. These pieces were auctioned in December in aid of Cancer Research UK. The Tea Cosies exhibition was supported by the Tea Council and pieces were auctioned in aid of Cancer Research UK by eBAY.

Dressed to impress, the tea cosies were on display in an exhibition with a difference. Tea cosies designed to date:

* Claudia Schiffer * David Kappo * Zandra Rhodes * Stephen Cornell * Cozmo Jenks * Pringle * Liberty * Kate Moss * Antoni & Alison * Palmer Cutler * Sam Morton * Frostfrench * Gibo * Duggie Fields * House of Jazz * The Colony Rooms * Anouska Hempel * Pauric Sweeney * Tatty Devine * Andrew Logan * Bill Drummond * Jilly Blackwood * Fake * Zoltar the Magnificent * Tristan Webber *

Andrew Logan and his tea cosy


Tristan Webber and his tea cosy


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