Full Circle & Recycle – 21st Century Swedish Textiles

28 January – 7 May 2017

Tom Hedqvist, a founding member of the Swedish design collective 10-gruppen (formed 1970), curates the work of ten textile designers who represent 21st century Swedish design. As in the world of fashion, Swedish fabrics encompass a multitude of styles from Modernism to Romanticism, from abstract graphics to naturalistic detailing. In line with Swedish design tradition, colours are bold and bright, often set against a stark background with accents of pitch black. Features designs of Maria Åström, Martin Bergström, Olle Eksell, Josef Frank, Carl Johan Hane, Inga-Lill Westman, Synnöve Mork, Ida Pettersson, Anna Viktorsson and Maria Vinka and their manufacturers Almedahls, Boras Cotton, Designmäklarna / Frösö Handtryck, Ljungbergs / Berghems and IKEA of Sweden.

Part of the Festival of Textiles 2017.

‘Full Circle & Recycle – 21st Century Swedish Textiles’ is made possible with support from Svenska institutet https://si.se/

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