The Secret Life of Scissors

Display Dates: 9 February – 6 May 2018

This display explores the complex multiple lives of scissors; everyday objects, universal tools but also ambiguous ‘things’, surrounded by superstition, myth and symbolism. From antiquity to modern times, scissors have remained irreplaceable and indispensable tools that also reveal an intimate human bond; their worn surfaces bearing witness to lives lived. The Secret Life of Scissors explores these different narratives in a sequence of themes: life and death, fairy tales, crime, punk and more, constantly mirroring the double-edged nature of this familiar yet mysterious object.

Display admission included with T-SHIRT: CULT – CULTURE – SUBVERSION exhibition.


Please be aware that The Secret Life of Scissors will be closed all day on the following dates. Short-term display closures may occur on other dates, please contact the Museum to ensure the display is accessible on your visit.

Wednesday 21 February
Wednesday 28 February
Wednesday 14 March
Friday 16 March
Wednesday 21 March
Thursday 12 April
Friday 13 April
Wednesday 18 April
Wednesday 25 April
Wednesday 2 May

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