The Future of Textiles: Innovative & Conceptual

Thursday 21 March 2019 | 6 – 8pm

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The 62 Group of Textile Artists presents The Future of Textiles: Innovative & Conceptual as part of their popular annual lecture series at the Fashion and Textile Museum.

This second lecture in the series introduces 62 Group members Catherine Dormor and Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor. Dormor, Head of Research Programmes at the Royal College of Art, will discuss the event of a stitch, a precarious ecology of exchange and encounter, while Glasgow based textile artist and designer Kinnersly-Taylor will discuss the process of printed textiles while highlighting her artwork ‘Recast’.

The Event of a Stitch: a precarious ecology of exchange and encounter by Catherine Dormor
This paper takes as its starting point stitch as a feminist strategy for thinking. It focuses upon the stitch as a metaphor and language of women’s generous encounters with space and their commitment to decolonize spaces through solidarity, hospitality and friendship.

Thinking of the stitch as an event builds upon Marsha Meskimmon’s notion of

‘Cosmopolitan Belonging’ together with Slavoj Zizek’s assertion that an event is an effect that exceeds its causes – a point of rupture, after which everything is changed (2014: 6).

As needle and thread pass through cloth, they engage in a tactical creation of mutual exchange. Works by Kirstie Macleod, Chiharu Shiota and Aine Philips will be drawn upon as modes of practice in which the stitch exists and builds from each moment of encounter between needle, thread and cloth.

Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor lecture:
Print is often perceived as a quick process due to the potential for repetition that screen printing allows; indeed it is possible to see how many screens were required, simply by counting the number of colours. By adopting a painstaking and more labour-intensive methodology, this medium can be used to create textiles that achieve a greater visual depth. Using photographic images achieves a sensitive print quality, but layering up on cloth is problematic. How is the dreaded ‘moiré’ effect avoided? How can the soft edges of halftone, photographic images be maintained, whilst simultaneously making it appear much more than a photograph? And how does this printing challenge allow images to make an impact when viewed both close-up, and from afar? These questions will be explored through recent work, and in particular ‘Recast’, made for the 62 Group exhibition, ‘Ctrl/Shift’, which explores positive and negative space through a complex series of layers allowing a greater depth, intensity and nuance to emerge.

The event starts at 6pm with a glass of wine in the Museum foyer and opportunity to view the current exhibition. The talk follows at 6.15pm in the Fashion Studio and lasts for approximately one hour and 30 minutes including an opportunity to ask questions. Ticket includes admission to the exhibition and guests are welcome to view this before the talk.

Price £15 / £12 students includes a complimentary drink and exhibition entry.

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Catherine Dormor lives in London and is an active artist, working predominantly with textiles, both as a concept and as a material for thinking through. She was awarded a PhD by practice and currently is Head of Research Programmes at the Royal College of Art.
Much of her work is focused upon the intimacies of textile: their structures, the necessary sharing of space in their formation and the ways in which these structures and forms can become modes of speaking both about culture, but also textile itself.
That textile practices have seen resurgence of interest in a late Capitalist era is of particular interest. Whilst the notions of nostalgia for an apparent ‘lost age’ of making might be a driving force behind this, Catherine sets her focus upon ways in which this reveals anxieties and practices of community in contemporary culture. She exhibits internationally and publishes regularly in journals and books.

Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor is a printed textile artist and designer based in Glasgow, and creates work for exhibition and to commission. She is the author of ‘Dyeing and Screen-Printing on Textiles’, is a visiting lecturer at colleges throughout the UK and also teaches in her studio.
Joanna creates one-off, abstract or semi-abstract printed textile works for domestic interiors, site-specific, often large-scale commissions for public and corporate spaces, and utilitarian fabrics for the home. Her work has been exhibited widely both in the UK and abroad and has been featured in numerous books and magazines. She trained at University College for the Creative Arts (Farnham), and as a post-graduate at Glasgow School of Art. She teaches courses and one-to-one in her studio, and is also a visiting lecturer on various undergraduate courses around the UK. She has been a member of the 62 Group of Textile Artists since 1997.

62 Group
The 62 Group is an artist led organisation which aims to incorporate and challenge the boundaries of textile practice through an ambitious and innovative annual programme of exhibitions and events. Since its establishment in 1962 some of the most highly regarded British & International textile artists have been members of the group.

Image: Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor, Recast

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