The Secret Life of Scissors – Tales of the unexpected…

Thursday 29 April | 6pm – 7:30pm | £5 | Online Event 

Join collector and curator Teresa Collenette and explore the fascinating world of scissors through a patchwork of images and tales.

Do you know where your scissors are? Humble everyday objects that are frequently overlooked, scissors are often more noticeable by their absence than their presence. Silently they lie, forgotten, dormant at the back of a cluttered drawer or the bottom of an overflowing sewing basket until their services are required. As two individual blades scissors are unremarkable but when they are joined together, they become a technological tour de force with a double life simultaneously creative and destructive.

A universal and democratic tool that empowers us all to perform an array of tasks from the ordinary to the extraordinary, scissors are also objects surrounded by superstition, symbolism and myth. Enter the world of scissors and tumble down a fascinating rabbit hole where you will discover that scissors are so much more than a functional inanimate object. Referencing her personal collection of scissors and related objects, Teresa Collenette will share snippets and tales that will ensure you never see scissors in the same light again.

Teresa Collenette is a design historian. A graduate of the Royal College of Art / Victoria and Albert Museum History of Design Masters programme, she is part of the curatorial team at the Fashion and Textile museum and has contributed to many exhibitions including Swinging London, Zandra Rhodes: 50 Years of Fabulous and the upcoming Beautiful People.

Tickets: £5

This talk will take place on the streaming platform Microsoft Teams Live, details of how to access the talk will be included in your booking confirmation. You will receive a unique link via email prior to the event, if you are planning to use a smartphone or tablet you will need to download the Microsoft Teams App which can be found for free in your devices App Store. Please ensure you are using the most recent operating system on your device and you can access Microsoft Teams to ensure you have the best experience.  Please note the tickets sales cut-off for this event is 2 hours before the start time.

The talk starts at 6pm and lasts for approximately one hour, followed by a Q&A session at the end.

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