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Introduction : Architecture

The BRILLIANT and BOLD Fashion and Textile Museum is the first building in all of Europe to be designed by world renowned architect RICARDO LEGORRETA. Legorreta has incorporated Zandra Rhodes' TEXTILE DESIGNS into the side doors to give a distinct touch. The museum also features rooftop duplex flats with terrace views of the spectacular Tower Bridge.

The AIA (American Institute of Architects) periodically bestows the Gold Medal Award upon leading architects "whose significant body of work has had a lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture." In the 93 years since the Gold Medal Award was initiated, only 57 such leading architects have been selected to receive this singular honour. Ricardo Legorreta received the GOLD MEDAL AWARD FOR THE YEAR 2000. He follows in the footsteps of such greats as Sir Aston Webb, who designed the V&A, Charles Barrie, who designed the Houses of Parliament, Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M. Pei, and Sir Norman Foster - the last English architect to earn the Gold Medal Award (1994). (By coincidence, Sir Foster's new, spectacularly designed headquarters of the GLA is being built on Tooley Street where the new mayor of London will be housed.)

Ricardo Legorreta has been Mexico's most renowned architect for many years. Today, he is the world's most renowned architect. Legorreta's extraordinary ability to holistically understand the chosen environment and blend it with indigenous Mexican architectural traditions are the hallmarks of his buildings. For example, Legorreta's use of colour, light, thick textured walls, and water joined with his consideration for culture, simplicity, privacy, the environment, a modern sense of design, and the user of the structure are all the elements that have won him extensive and INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION. The tranquility that his buildings evoke is testimony to his work. Thus far, Mr. Legorreta's 45-year career has been predominantly centred in Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Some of his projects include: the MONTERREY CENTRAL LIBRARY in Monterrey, Mexico, the MEXICAN MUSEUM in San Francisco, California, the HISPANIC CULTURAL ARTS CENTER in Dallas, Texas, the METROPOLITAN CATHEDRAL in Managua, Nicaragua, the SAN ANTONIO MAIN LIBRARY, in San Antonio, Texas, the SOLANA COMPLEX, in Solana, Texas, the house of actor RICARDO MONTALBON in Los Angeles, California, EL PAPALOTE CHILDREN'S MUSEUM and the CITY OF THE ARTS, both in Mexico City, and the famous CAMINO REAL HOTELS in Mexico City and Ixtapa.

Legorreta worked with ALAN CAMP ARCHITECTS to achieve this masterpiece. Alan Camp is an esteemed architect in his own right. To his credit are: the Mercury telephone kiosk, Gordon Ramsey's restaurants, including the Aubergine, the home of Sebastian Ferranti in conjunction with Francis Machin, the home of Michael Caine, all famous locations on the London scene as well as major residential developments in Southeast London.

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